Mograph in Houdini / by Hernan Santander

This started as a discussion on how to make motion graphics/eye candy effects in Houdini from C4D/MASH point of view, this is specif to a C4D tutorial.

The process might take a little longer to set up at the begging but after you got everything in place, is pretty easy to start adding more stuff on top, pretty much anything that you want.

For example I could've added Pyro/Flip on top of this without not much effort. And that to me is power that Houdini offers over other systems which it might easier at first (will get you 80% or 90%) but when you need to start customizing or adding those little details is when those system fall short.

There is definitely stuff that I could improved on the actual set up, not really in love with the crazy ball bouncing. = ) until next one.

Houdini rendered in Redshift